Monday, September 6, 2010

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July and August 2010

Me to Ben after noticing the toilet paper roll had been refilled: "Did you refill the toilet paper?" Ben: "Do you think it just magically refills itself?" I'm always surprised to see new toilet paper.

Ben doesn't know how to ride a bike. What's worse though is that he does slightly know how to whistle but he does it by INhaling. It doesn't sound like a real whistle and it's a little disturbing.

Ben is always saying how much he hates the show "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant." Tonight I caught him though- I said something about having my tubes tied and he said "you know that's not 100% don't you- I saw it on 'I Didn't Know I was Pregnant.'" I didn't see that episode so he's secretly watching that show.

I found the perfect piece of land for us to build a house on. I told Ben, "It has a barn that we could live in while we built the house." He said, "We are not living in a barn."

I told Ben that Mom told me to leave a blank check for the maid today. Ben said, "I'm not leaving a blank check for the maid. I wouldn't even leave a blank check for your mom. In fact, I'd leave a blank check for the maid before I'd leave a blank check for your mom."

Ben drives me crazy for two reasons when he brushes his teeth: 1) He gags himself with the toothbrush EVERY DAY and 2) He holds the toothbrush at the wrong angle and allows the toothpaste to run all the way down the toothbrush and his hand!

Just saw an ad on Craigslist advertising a live goat "for sale or trade for trampoline." I told Ben and he didn't even think it was funny. His only response was, "You know the city is employing goats now."

As I got up to go to bed Ben caught me... he said, "You've left an open bottle of Coke and an open box of Cheez-Its on the floor."

William pooped and was sitting on the floor in just his diaper. When I picked him up to change his diaper I guess Ben heard a sound. He said, "Was he just sticking to the floor?"

We're watching "Born on a Bad Day" on Discovery Health right now and Ben just said (regarding a poor woman who had a baby during a hurricane), "If there's a hurricane and she's pregnant, it's her own damn fault."

Ben is in a mood tonight. At 9pm he decided the yard had to be weed-eaten (spelling?) right that minute and has spent the past 20 minutes weedeating in the dark.